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Smart home IoT and wearable products for safety, health and quality of life in our homes and while mobile.

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Protecting those that protect us by identifying threats and defensive action in our communities.

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Solutions for our safety and process monitoring across a large number of industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, water/wastewater, oil, gas, plastic, paper, food & beverage.


product prevue

Detecting and identifying molecular signatures in air and liquid have broad applications in markets ranging from industrial to consumer applications. Today, such capability is limited to either expensive large lab instruments or narrowly capable products (ex: a home CO detector).  iSense has developed and extensively tested novel, high performance sensors with low cost (disposable).

Our sensors outperform existing chemical detection systems by producing a sensitive, high dimensional sensor that is also compact and inexpensive. With the advent of IoT, we expect this sensor technology to usher in a new era of opportunity sensing air and liquid for safety, security, and quality of life.

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